Back to School

I’ve got new adventures on the horizon! After much deliberation, worry, trepidation, doubt, and ultimately excitement, I quit my full-time job at the day program a little over three weeks ago so I can go back to school! I’m not doing anything too radical, just taking some classes at my[Read more]

Weekend Projects and Life Update

 Hi friends and happy St. Patrick’s Day! Are you celebrating? I’m wearing green to work and that’s about it for me.  Once again, I’ve been absent longer than I intended, but I’ve been keeping myself busy just the same. Here’s what’s new: • I went on a fun fabric shopping[Read more]

My Christmas: 2013

Hi friends! I wanted to (finally) share a little bit about my Christmas this year. It was awesome, of course, but it was a bit hectic. Between mine and Phillip’s families we had six different events to attend! I had to head back to work the next day too, so[Read more]