Meet Our Vintage Trailer!

Hi all! Today I’m sharing the project that has been taking up most of my free time at the moment- fixing up our vintage trailer! We got the trailer about 3 years ago just a couple of months before our wedding- it belonged to a guy my dad did some[Read more]

Sewing Project: The Button Dress (McCall’s 7086)

Hi friends! I’m back at long last with a new creation. It’s been a busy year as we’ve both been working full time, working on home projects, and we just took our belated honeymoon trip to New York and Washington DC. Needless to say I haven’t been getting nearly as[Read more]

Introducing Mint Green Sewing Machine Novelty Skirts!

I’m so excited today to officially introduce a project I’ve been working on for the past year or so. I’ve designed a small line of vintage-inspired novelty print fabrics for making border-print skirts! Each design is available both as a finished skirt, sewn to your custom size, or as a[Read more]

A Couple of Halloween Outfits

Hi everyone! Today I’m (somewhat belatedly) sharing a couple of outfits I made for Halloween this year. We decided to take it easy and stay home to pass out candy this year, so I decided instead of a costume I’d just make a Halloween-themed dress. I wanted something I could[Read more]

Retro Ornament Circle Skirt

Ornament Circle Skirt Update

    Hi everyone! Long time no see! I hope you all had an amazing Halloween and a great Thanksgiving too! We spent Halloween weekend curled up on the couch watching the second season of Stranger Things and passing out candy. I still managed to make a couple of Halloween[Read more]

The Seabirds Dress (Butterick 5209)

    Hey everyone! Today I’m sharing the Butterick 5209 I made to wear to our friend’s wedding on Catalina Island. I made it along with the seahorse dress and a light blue and white striped Moneta (which I have yet to blog about). I decided to go with a[Read more]

My New Bernina 350

  For my birthday back in May, my parents offered to get me a new sewing machine. I had been using my old one since I had gotten it when I was about 18. It wasn’t a terrible machine, but I did get frustrated sometimes trying to sew through especially[Read more]

Sewing Project: The Butterfly Skirt

  Hi friends! At long last I’m sharing my project for Tanya’s “Dress Like Your Grandma” sewing challenge, where you find an outfit that your grandmother (or other relative) wore and re-create it. Like I mentioned in my last post, I wasn’t able to track down any good family pictures,[Read more]