Big News…

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you already know this, but…we’re engaged!
Phillip popped the question on our trip to Disneyland last Thursday for his birthday. We were on the boat in the middle of the the Small World ride (my favorite) when he asked me and gave me the ring we had picked out a few months ago at an antique store. Obviously, I said yes!
Here’s the ring- it’s not technically vintage, but it was cast from a mold made in the late 1800s, so I guess you could say it’s a reproduction. I think it’s really pretty and it stood out from all of the other rings we looked at in being really elegant. Anyway, I really love it and Phillip’s mom generously offered to give us the diamond from her wedding ring, which is much nicer than the one that was originally in it.
We had a really nice surprise a little later that day as well! We had booked a room at the Paradise Pier Hotel, which was the most affordable of the three Disney hotels at the park. We were already super excited about how awesome and luxurious it would be to stay at a hotel right next to the park and being able to easily go back the next day. We had checked in earlier that morning but our room wasn’t ready and they told us they would send us a text when it was. When we finally got the text and went to the room we were shocked that it was a huge, multi-room suite! I called the front desk to let them know they put us in the wrong room and the lady said we had been randomly selected for a free upgrade. Apparently when guests are celebrating something (I told them it we were there for Phillip’s birthday) they put them into a drawing for a free upgrade.  The room was ludicrously big for two people (it had a full-sized refrigerator, a dining room table, and a Christmas tree!) but it was a really fun surprise and just made everything feel that much more special.
We spent a lot of time that day calling and texting friends and family. It was really nice to read all of the congratulations on Facebook and Instagram from family, friends, and even just-online friends. It’s so touching to know how much love and support people have for us. Of course, we’ve already been getting questions about when the wedding will be, and the answer is we have no idea! Right now I think the fact that wer’e engaged is still sinking in. The one thing I can say for sure is that I’ll be making my own dress!
So, I have a favor to ask of you: now that I’ll be planning a wedding soon, I need some ideas!  Does anyone have recommendations for great wedding blogs to follow? I’m especially interested in those with a handmade/DIY/budget/vintage theme.
 And has anyone made their own wedding dress? Any tips?