Halloween Decorating Around Here

Hi everyone! First of all let me apologize for the radio silence around here over the past week. I was hit pretty hard with a nasty cold last Sunday and for the life of me I couldn’t muster up the energy or motivation to blog (in fact I could barely drag myself through the day). I’m just now starting to feel like myself again and I’m going to try to make up for it in the coming weeks!
I thought I’d share a little peek at how we’re decorating for Halloween around here.
To be fair, due to Phillip’s love of skulls and monster toys, our house is pretty much half-decorated for Halloween all year round. We’ve been having fun making little displays though, and I thought a few of you might like a peek. Almost everything is from thrift or antique stores, with a few new items thrown in the mix as well.

I got a whole bag of these funkily-shaped gourds at a local stand for just $3. It’s fun to mix them in with the rest of the decorations.

This is Phillip’s shelf where he displays some of his favorite vintage items. As you can see, he’s a big Munsters fan, which works well around this time of the year!

We did a bit of decorating on the porch, too. We picked up these pumpkins last weekend  at another local place. They had a great selection and really reasonable prices, and it was amazing to us that they just left a box out for you to pay for your pumpkins. Who does that nowadays? It was nice to see some people still trust strangers.
The little white pumpkin was the only one I got from my garden. My plants were growing really well for a while and then everything sort of all went downhill with lots of mildew, aphids, and fruit that just rotted on the vine instead of growing. This pumpkin was the lone survivor! Do any of you expert gardeners know what I did wrong? I thought maybe I was over-watering but when I cut back on that everything still continued to die. Perhaps I should just admit I have a black thumb and resign myself to buying fresh vegetables at the farmers market.

How’s your October going? I’m trying to get my costume finished and then prepare for a get-together we’re having with friends on Friday night. This will be the very first time we’ve entertained at the house! Bracing myself for a very busy week…