What I Didn’t Buy at the Thrift Store

Hi everyone! Once again I don’t have much to post for this week’s Thrifty Thursday. I’m still sewing up a storm and yesterday Phillip and I spent all day moving things out of our second antique space, so I decided to switch up this week’s Thrifty Thursday post with something a little bit different- a post about what I didn’t buy at the thrift store. I borrowed the idea from fellow bloggers Van at Thrift Core and Sir Thrift a Lot. I think it’s fun to see what people didn’t end up buying and why!

Here are some things I might have bought at the thrift store, but didn’t:

This mid-century side table is pretty cute and it was only $5, but I didn’t like the fake wood top and I wasn’t confident that anyone would buy it if it wasn’t real wood. At the store it stayed!

This vintage Sunbeam mixer was cool, but $29.99 cool? I think not. I think that’s pretty close to what we would be able to sell it for and I’m not sure how many people are even in the market for them.

I thought this vintage pram was interesting- it’s not something I’ve seen often. But the price tag was a whopping $99.99 and besides that the top wasn’t attached. No-siree!

This yellow vintage dress and bolero was cute. However, it had a few stains that I wasn’t sure would come out, so it stayed behind. Here’s a closeup:

Yuck! What is that anyway?

Yikes! I wish that people wouldn’t ruin their Pyrex bowls in the dishwasher! Needless to say, this one stayed behind.

Last but not least, I found this tapa cloth at a thrift store in Solvang. They aren’t the most useful things outside of the south Pacific, but whenever I see them they always take me back to my Peace Corps days in Tonga. Anyway, this one was $80 for some reason! I don’t need the nostalgia that much!
I hope you enjoyed this post! Did you find anything awesome at the thrift stores this week?