Thrifty Thursday Vol. 36: Old News

Hi everyone! Here’s my latest installment of my thrift store finds. I haven’t been thrifting quite as much of late, because I’ve been sewing up a storm for the upcoming craft fair and my submission for the Collette Patterns Laurel contest. Here are some older finds that I somehow never got around to posting before. Enjoy!

A dachshund letter holder. I definitely would have kept this if I didn’t already have one, ha ha. We put it in the space and it already sold!
A pink silk scarf with a bandana motif- already sold in the space.
A very mid-century looking melamine plate with an Eskimo on it.
A Las Vegas Mug.
Tacky? Cool? Both?
 This guy was one of my favorite finds- just so interesting and unique. I’m not exactly sure what he is though. Anyone have any info?

 Here’s a closeup of his face and his red cupid’s-bow lips.

And last but least, a cute little ceramic owl with green sparkly eyes.

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