Thrifty Thursday Vol. 29: Some February Finds

Wow, it’s been a long time since I posted last! Things have been busy but good around here. I’ve been working on a few home organization/decorating projects that I hope to share on here soon. I have also decided to sell at the Halcyon Store craft fair again in May, so I’ve been working on developing some things to make up for that as well. I’ll be sharing some of those on the blog as soon as possible!

Phillip and I have been keeping busy with our antique space in Los Alamos, which I’m happy to report has been selling better and better as time goes by. I have to say I’m loving how much easier it is to just clean stuff up, price it, and put it on the shelves rather than the process of photographing, uploading, listing, packing, shipping, etc. that is required with online sales. Of course, we pay for the space rent, but we’re able to ask higher prices which partly makes up for that. I’m still selling in my etsy shop, but have decided to concentrate more on easy-to-ship items like sewing patterns and leave the heavy, fragile items for the space. I’m also really enjoying grouping the items together in vignettes and making the seasonal displays (I’ll try to get a picture of our latest Easter-themed one!). I always seem to get compliments from customers when I go in to freshen up the space, saying how cute our booth is and how much it stands out from the crowd, which is really gratifying considering how much time and effort we’ve invested getting it up and running.

Anyway, without further ado, here are some of our recent thrifting finds from February, most of which have gone straight into the space:

 A set of plastic citrus-slice drink coasters.

 We couldn’t resist this picture of an adorable little boy from the 1940s or 50s.

 A very sixties bowling-themed ashtray with a holder for cigarettes.

I love this 1960s mid century modern candle holder. Something about it reminds me of the “Small World” ride.

A white enamel teapot. There’s no lid and it’s quite corroded inside, but I could see this re-purposed as a cute plant container in a garden.

Lots of Pyrex finds this month! Surprisingly I haven’t sold any yet in the space. Hopefully that will change come summer!
A cute cotton handkerchief with stripes and polka-dots.
I thought this South American doll was unique and interesting.
 This green train case had a very fancy interior that’s in great condition too!

How cool is this set of playing-card themed plates and cups?
A red “Tricolator” teapot that would look great in a red 1950’s kitchen.

I have a weakness for adorable tablecloths and light green, so I had to keep this one!
 A great pair of handmade dolls. I’m guessing 1940s?

A rooster standoff on a 1950s bread basket.
This amazing floral office chair is currently in the space.
 This embroidered topiary artwork is listed in my Etsy shop.

 A stenograph machine. Kind of random, but it looks really cool in the space! We’ll see if it sells eventually.

 An old toffee tin with a Canadian mountie.

 We already sold this awesome tiki mug!

Love this funky gold and green fish brooch!

Thanks for looking everyone! I’ll be linking up with Apron Thrift Girl, A Living Space, and Young Heart. Stop by and check out everyone else’s awesome thrifting finds!