February Antique Space Update

We’ve been selling in our antique space for a month now. We make the trek down to Los Alamos about once a week, and the space has slowly transformed each time we visit. This last Saturday, I replaced a small bookshelf with a taller one and did a bit of adding and rearranging. I also pinned some white poster board on the back of on of the shelves we had to cover the ugly backs of the bookcases in the adjacent booth. I think it made a big difference. Any sellers have any tips on creative ways to hide those?

I was really happy to learn that we had made more than $150 in just the first week of February- well on our way to covering the space rent and hopefully making a good profit (even though this is the slow season). After all of the hard work we’ve been putting into this venture, that was welcome news!

Here’s some peeks at our space and some of our most recent finds:

I found this funky chair at the Goodwill a couple of weeks ago. It was a little pricy ($35), but I thought it would be the perfect “statement piece” to draw attention to our booth. (Again- I just wish I could cover that ugly bookcase back!). It has gotten a lot of attention but no takers so far. Here’s hoping it goes soon!

This pair of fish dishes was another recent find. They are kind of weird by themselves but I think they look great and very sixties-mod when put together. We’re selling them as a set.

We found this floral office chair and the vintage stenograph a few weeks ago. They look perfect together!

After we came across this nice mid-century dresser, we decided to replace the shelving unit on the back wall. I think it looks a lot nicer and it’s actually for sale too (although part of me hopes we don’t actually sell it!). We’ve also been using it to store some items that we can’t find a place for at the moment. It’s very convenient, but I hope if it does sell they check the drawers first.

This bookcase holds our “mantiques” and also our kids stuff.

We’ve added a lot more items to the clothing section since we opened our booth! (and I’ve got tons more where that came from-yikes!)

This little mannequin thing I found at Goodwill has been a great display piece.

I wish someone would buy this amazing Western shirt! I might try it on Etsy at some point, but in the meantime it looks great with our “cowboy” items.

The back of this typewriter makes a perfect place to display some vintage patterns.

I’m surprised I haven’t sold these adorable carousel juice glasses.

I almost didn’t put this cute mint green cookie jar out to sell! I found it last week in a new thrift shop that just opened near my work.

I finally finished revamping this little side shelf. It was a slightly rusty brassy metal and had chipped shelves when I bought it for $5. I spray painted it black and had new glass cut for the shelves and it looks 100% better! It’s now home to the rest of the vintage buttons and a cool zebra planter I found recently.

These teacups and saucers are another recent Goodwill find. I think they’re so adorable! They don’t have any markings so I’m not sure which company made them.

Phillip’s mom gave us this cute fruit print glass set. It would be perfect for some summer cocktails!

Fruity orange and green display.

My chicken/red kitchen display.

Here’s a peek at my current Pyrex display. I really surprised we haven’t sold any yet because people have told us over and over that Pyrex is a popular seller.

I had fun putting the Valentines table together, but after a month of it I’m itching to change it up! I’m planning on putting up an Easter/Springtime display on the table this weekend.

I hope you all enjoyed this little update on our antique space! If you’d like to see it’s original state, check it out here.