My New (Old) Glasses

Ok, so I’ve had them since January, so they’re not really that new, but I love my vintage glasses!

I’m slightly near-sighted so I’ve been prescribed glasses since high school for driving and to help me see things that are small or far away (like the blackboard in school!). I’ve had several different pairs of glasses over the years (including other vintage frames), but these are by far my favorites and the only ones that I’ve loved enough to wear all day long.  They’re the perfect shape and I like how the clear bluish-gray isn’t too harsh-looking on my pale complexion.

I found them at the Pasadena Flea Market at the Rose Bowl when Phillip and I went down to LA to go to Disneyland and visit his brother. The company who had the booth specializes in new-old-stock vintage frames. For any of you fellow vintage lovers who are interested, check out Allyn Scura’s website. They also do different shows and fairs on the west coast (mostly LA and the Bay Area).

Thanks for stopping by!