Thrifty Thursday Vol. 9: Coffee Mugs

It’s no secret that I’m a complete coffee addict! I love me some good coffee and usually drink it at least couple of times a day- with lots of milk and sugar (or hot chocolate mix- it makes a great mocha, try it!). One of my favorite things to pick up while thrifting are cute vintage coffee mugs. I’ve got a growing collection in lots of different sizes, shapes and colors, but I have to admit I tend to use just a couple time and time again (the biggest ones, of course). I hope you enjoy a look at my mug collection!

I found a whole set of these pink glass ones!

Yellow enamel

I love speckled pottery!

This bird one came in a set with different types of birds on the fronts

I love the rectangle handle on this orange one

This yellow porcelain one is tiny- I think it’s meant for cappuccinos. I really dig the unusual shape!

I couldn’t resist the orchid design on this green ceramic mug

A cool set of stacking mugs

I hope you enjoyed my mugs. Everyone have a great weekend, ya hear?