Thrifty Thursday Vol. 46: Saturday Morning Finds

Hi everyone and welcome to the 46th edition of Thrifty Thursday, where I share my weekly thrift store/estate sale/yard sale/flea market finds

Last weekend, Phillip and I were lucky enough to get a whole day off together on Saturday, and we decided to make the most of it and hit up some local estate and yard sales. In addition to fun vintage goodies for our antique space, I was on the lookout for planters, gardening books, and plant stands for a little backyard makeover I was planning!

The first sale we went to was also the best. We found all of these things there:

A little “Garlic Gus” pixie, another sixties head planter, two California pottery planters, and a ceramic Siamese cat.

This mermaid girl, who now has a new home on the wall of our bathroom! Can you believe she was only $5?

They had some amazing vintage hats for sale- I picked up this cute velvet ribbon one and also a pearl bridal crown. How cute are this little dog and fish? I think they were $1 each!

These little figurines are funny! They’re destined for the antique space.

Following that, we headed to another estate sale in Nipomo, which turned out to be quite disappointing (didn’t buy a single thing), but on our way back to the freeway we spotted a sign for another sale and decided to go check it out! This one was much more exciting and we got several things there for great prices:

I think we paid $1 each for these dog paint-by numbers, the bamboo ceramic flower pot, and the little wall shelf (which you totally can’t see in this picture-sorry!). The vintage books were just 10 cents each!

I picked up this cute flower pot stand there for $5- perfect for my gardening plans!

After that, we headed up to Arroyo Grande, where we hit up another estate sale. This one was really expensive- they had some cool items but they just weren’t worth paying that much since we were planning to resell. I did, however, walk out with these three cool silk scarves for $3 apiece and this little ceramic fish!

After that, we decided to head up to San Luis Obispo and check out the Achievement House. We found some pretty cool stuff there and I was able to find a good gardening book and a couple of plants too! (For those of you who are local, check them out! They’ve got a great bargain store and nursery)

We also found some great stuff in the bargain store:

We were super excited to find this wooden duck! Phillip gave me a small one for Christmas and we subsequently found out that they’re quite collectible. We’re debating if we should keep or sell it. This little lamp will be adorable with the other kid’s stuff in the antique space, and I thought this little ceramic cow was cute. I also picked up this pretty ballerina silk scarf (I just can’t resist the scarves) and a couple of cute little pins (they’re hard to see but one is a bee and one is a snake).

Next, we headed over to downtown, where I did a bit of fabric shopping at Beverly’s, and then we went to Mission Thrift, where we found these:

That funky flower thing on the left is actually a pencil sharpener/holder. The little guy is a “Henry” doll from the 1930s (Phillip spotted that one). The Polynesian girl head was a score at $6- the guy at the register said she was “creepy.” I guess we just have an affinity for creepy things, because we thought it was awesome! We thought this little “I Went Nuts in Florida” peanut tray was hilarious, and I was stoked to find yet another vintage planter! The tablecloth they are on is really cool- with orange and yellow rick-rack flowers, and I found a Vera dishcloth for $1!

Anyway, that concluded our Saturday morning finds. We found so much great stuff that I decided to take a thrift-shopping hiatus for the rest of the week. It was an excellent day!

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