Thrifty Thursday Vol. 30: Goodwill and a Globe

Our two local Goodwill stores have really been a gold mines for vintage in the last week or two. The best part is that they also have pretty amazing prices. While the Goodwill in Grover Beach doesn’t have anything priced under 99 cents (and most things cost more), you can find tons of items for as little as 29 cents at the Santa Maria and Orcutt Goodwill stores. Here are some of our recent finds, the majority of which are from there:

A Spanish version of the Lady and the Tramp story. I love how the tramp is called a “vagabundo.”

I have a well known weakness for little mid-century ceramic birds, so of course this had to come home with me.

A pretty gray Winfield serving dish. I had to convince myself not to keep it!
An interesting pair of drinking glasses with old-fashioned fire trucks.
I love this vintage poodle wrapping paper- I wish I had it found it before Valentines day, but oh well, there’s always next year.
This doggie decanter was another Goodwill find, but unfortunately we couldn’t find the top (an ice bag) anywhere on the shelves.

This snowflake sugar bowl and creamer set will be perfect to put in the space at Christmas time.

This wooden box used to hold a test kit for turbine oil and has the instructions printed inside the lid.

This leaf  serving dish looks very sixties to me.
A mini red and white enamel casserole dish.
This orange leaf shaped handled serving dish would be great for Thanksgiving.

This sugar dish matches a plate I found a couple of weeks ago! Does anyone know which company made this?

I’m totally keeping this little bongo-playing knome-in-a-bottle.

Some fun drinking glasses.
A little Mexican pottery votive and a barrel-shaped mug I picked up for Phillip, who has a soft spot for barrels.
I had to keep this cool mid-century globe! It’s one of the few things I didn’t find at the Goodwill this week and definitely my favorite find of the last few weeks. I found it at the thrift store next door to my work. Yes, that’s where I spend all of my breaks!

Another find from the same thrift store- an amazing 1950s or 60s crayon box.

And lastly, a pretty green tin for the kitchen!

Thanks for looking! I’ll be linking up at A Living Space, Apron Thrift Girl and Young Heart. Make sure to stop by and see what everyone else found this week.