Sewing Project: Plastic Bag Dispenser

I had been meaning to make myself a plastic bag holder/dispenser for months- I somehow always end up with tons of the things all around the house. I finally had some free time last week and I whipped one up! I based it on this tutorial from

(click on picture for link to tutorial)

I used this adorable vintage fabric I found on one of my thrifting expeditions. It was too small to really make much, but ended up being the perfect size for this (and now I can enjoy it every day in my kitchen!). I added the red bias tape trim just to spice it up a bit. It was really easy. I also took a little shortcut and just tied the elastic ends together for the bottom opening rather than stitching them. So far it seems to be holding up just fine!

All in all: an easy and very practical project!

Have a great weekend everyone!