Memory Blanket

Phillip and I found this amazing bedspread at one of our local thrift shops the other day. At first, we had no idea what it was, it just looked like a huge jumble of burlap and embroidery. We could tell it was old and cool though, and once we got it home and spread it out on the bed, we could see it was even better than we had initially thought! It’s some kind of memory blanket, with different scenes and objects embroidered on it that I can only assume were meaningful in the life of one person (or maybe a whole family?). Parts of it are still unfinished (you can see the pencil marks on the bottom left section), which I think adds to the kind of mystery of the whole thing. Check out some of the details:

 A family portrait?

 Roasting hot dogs by the fireplace

 A southwestern symbol?

 Cooking or gardening?

 Apparently someone did some traveling…

 An old man, cards, and a star with a halo

 A diver

 A cheerful yellow sun

An interestingly shaped flower

Ruby likes it too

We’re currently debating whether to keep it or sell it. It’s such a great and fascinating piece, but as I mentioned before, we’re both working hard to downsize. It’s unfortunate it didn’t stay in the family of the person who put so much hard work into creating it (what an amazing heirloom!) but I’m sure whoever it ends up with will still love it for all of it’s quirky, handmade, retro awesomeness!