Sewing Project: Half-Circle Skirt (Simplicity 9172)


I have a confession: I didn’t come by the pattern for this skirt entirely honestly. I actually found it languishing in a jumble of old patterns, trash, and scraps in the back of the Home Economics room at the school I worked at in Tonga and decided that I should rescue it. I fully planned on making a skirt while in Tonga and giving the pattern back, but somehow time got away from me and I decided to just take it home with me. I knew nobody was likely to use it, and I figured an old pattern or two was a fair trade for two years of teaching for free.


Flash to six months later, and I finally made the skirt as an assignment for my apparel construction class. It sewed up really nicely with a cotton twill I found at a thrift store. I was planning on making it exactly like view 1 on the pattern envelope, but I ended up not having quite enough fabric and had to shorten it, which I think ended up being just fine. All in all, I love the way it turned out and I’m thinking of making a couple more in other colors!

Thanks for looking!