Thrifty Thursday Vol. 3: Pink and Black

Hello everyone! Hope the week is treating you well. Here’s another edition of some of my recent thrifting finds: I found two of these adorable pink and black flower plates Another addition to my growing collection of pink glassware A couple pairs of adorable vintage gloves A white milk glass[Read more]

Mission San Luis Obispo

One of the people I work with on Sundays likes to go to church at the old Mission in San Luis Obispo. I wandered into the museum as I waited for her and took a few photos. Founded in 1772, the Mission has some of the oldest artifacts in this[Read more]

Sewing Project: Half-Circle Skirt (Simplicity 9172)

  I have a confession: I didn’t come by the pattern for this skirt entirely honestly. I actually found it languishing in a jumble of old patterns, trash, and scraps in the back of the Home Economics room at the school I worked at in Tonga and decided that I[Read more]

Thrifty Thursday Vol 2: Red, White, and Blue

In celebration of the Fourth of July (yesterday), a red, white and blue themed post of thrift store finds! A set of little Melamine bowls. Two pieces of wool fabric. I’m not sure what to make though. For some reason I’m picturing the blue one as a handbag. More Melamine…this[Read more]

How to Make: Your Own Vanilla Extract

One of my favorite things about Tonga was buying fresh vanilla pods from the market. They are so incredibly fragrant and delicious-smelling. I was so excited when I got home to try my hand at making fresh vanilla extract for my friends and family. It’s amazing how simple it really[Read more]

Painted Cards

When I finished my Peace Corps service in Tonga last year, I wanted to give some of my best friends something special from me, so I painted these cards as gifts. They’re all significant in some way and depict memories of my service and time spent with my friends there.[Read more]

Sewing Project: The Curtain Dress (Butterick B5748)

I found the fabric for this dress at a thrift store in the form of two old curtain panels ($3.95!). I loved the print and the vibrant colors and decided I had to make a dress from it. Of course, my mom found it absolutely hilarious that I was making[Read more]

Thrifty Thursday Vol. 1: Pastel Brights

For your viewing pleasure, some of my recent thrifting finds in a palette of bright pastels: This bright yellow enamel dish has an interesting bottom. It’s obviously missing it’s lid, but it’s been working well as a catch-all on my dresser. I’ve been finding a lot of pink glassware lately,[Read more]

Hearst Castle Field Trip Part 2: The Rest

Since I took waaay too many pictures on my recent class field trip to Hearst Castle, I decided to divide the post into two parts: the clothes and the rest. Here’s the second installment- my pictures of the amazing art and architecture that the castle is known for. Enjoy!  [Read more]