Thrifty Thursday Vol 2: Red, White, and Blue

In celebration of the Fourth of July (yesterday), a red, white and blue themed post of thrift store finds! A set of little Melamine bowls. Two pieces of wool fabric. I’m not sure what to make though. For some reason I’m picturing the blue one as a handbag. More Melamine…this[Read more]

How to Make: Your Own Vanilla Extract

One of my favorite things about Tonga was buying fresh vanilla pods from the market. They are so incredibly fragrant and delicious-smelling. I was so excited when I got home to try my hand at making fresh vanilla extract for my friends and family. It’s amazing how simple it really[Read more]

Painted Cards

When I finished my Peace Corps service in Tonga last year, I wanted to give some of my best friends something special from me, so I painted these cards as gifts. They’re all significant in some way and depict memories of my service and time spent with my friends there.[Read more]

Sewing Project: The Curtain Dress (Butterick B5748)

I found the fabric for this dress at a thrift store in the form of two old curtain panels ($3.95!). I loved the print and the vibrant colors and decided I had to make a dress from it. Of course, my mom found it absolutely hilarious that I was making[Read more]

Thrifty Thursday Vol. 1: Pastel Brights

For your viewing pleasure, some of my recent thrifting finds in a palette of bright pastels: This bright yellow enamel dish has an interesting bottom. It’s obviously missing it’s lid, but it’s been working well as a catch-all on my dresser. I’ve been finding a lot of pink glassware lately,[Read more]

Hearst Castle Field Trip Part 2: The Rest

Since I took waaay too many pictures on my recent class field trip to Hearst Castle, I decided to divide the post into two parts: the clothes and the rest. Here’s the second installment- my pictures of the amazing art and architecture that the castle is known for. Enjoy!  [Read more]

Hearst Castle Field Trip Part 1: The Clothes

Last month I had the opportunity to go to Hearst Castle as part of a field trip for my Apparel Construction class. In addition to the regular tour of the guest houses, we got to peek at their amazing collection of vintage clothes! I was basically in heaven. Here’s some[Read more]

How to Make: Shell Flowers

When I was in Tonga, one of my favorite things to do was collect shells on the beaches. After a while, I had accumulated quite a few, but wasn’t really sure what to actually do with them. I came upon this ideas of making little flower magnets. It’s fun and[Read more]

Welcome to My New Blog!

 Hello everyone, I’m Melissa, and welcome to my brand new blog, Scavenger Hunt! I’m an avid blog reader and I’ve been toying with the idea of starting my very own blog for some time now.My goal with this blog is to chronicle my life, ideas, and projects in the hopes[Read more]