Sewing Project: The Watches Skirt

      Hey friends! I know it’s been awhile, but I wanted to pop by today to share one of my recent projects. I acquired this amazing vintage fabric with watches on Ebay. Actually, I had Phillip bid on it for me because I have total Ebay anxiety and[Read more]

Dress Like Your Grandma Challege Inspiration

    (Image Source Here) ┬áJust to get it out there right now: no, this is not my grandma. In fact I have no idea who this lady is. I’m cheating a little on this one.   I haven’t had the time to go and track down some old family[Read more]

Dress Like Your Grandma Sewing Challenge

  I just wanted to let you all know about a fun sewing challenge my friend Tanya is hosting on her blog, Mrs. Hughes. It’s called the “Dress Like Your Grandma” vintage sewing challenge. Here’s the idea: “This is a vintage sewing challenge where family history can inspire your wardrobe.[Read more]

Free Download- Valentine Illustrations

      I made you all a little present for Valentines day! It’s a set of digital illustrations you can use for cards, emails, or anything you like! You can download the set of PNG set here: Download Valentines Graphics Set (Personal Use Only) Enjoy and have a wonderful[Read more]

Sewing Project: How to Enlarge a Vintage Circle Skirt

      Hey guys! I’m back again with another post about re-sizing vintage skirts. Today I’m going to show you how I enlarged this great vintage skirt I found on our mini-honeymoon in San Francisco last year. Like the last skirt I shared that was much too small, this[Read more]

Sewing Project: Moneta Madness!

I think I can officially state at this point that the Moneta dress by Colette Patterns is my favorite pattern. I find myself wearing this and this so often that it’s basically my uniform. It’s so comfy that even in the recently rainy and cold weather here in California I[Read more]

Fabric Design: The Completed Portfolio

  Now that I’ve shared my fabric designs with you, I want to finally show off my handmade portfolio! I’m really proud of this project as it was the culmination of months of work designing, printing, cutting, and assembling. I ordered fat quarters of two of my “Up and Away”[Read more]

Fabric Design Part 5: Morning Brew

    This is the last collection I made for my portfolio. I based in on the vintage dishes I love so much!       Here it is in the alternate colorway:   Here are some digital mockups I made: A tea towel… Kitchen curtains… And a tote bag.[Read more]

Fabric Designs Part 4: Party Line

    Hi friends! I’m back to sharing my surface pattern designs again today. This is the fourth collection I made for my portfolio- a vintage telephone design I’m calling “Party Line.”   A secondary print with memo pads. Another secondary print- speech bubbles.   I came up with an[Read more]