Vintage Postcards

At one of our local thrift stores the other day, I discovered a large box of vintage postcards that must have been someone’s collection at one time. They were just 50 cents each! There were so many great ones but I limited myself to these: I’m loving the graphics and[Read more]

My New (Old) Glasses

Ok, so I’ve had them since January, so they’re not really that new, but I love my vintage glasses! I’m slightly near-sighted so I’ve been prescribed glasses since high school for driving and to help me see things that are small or far away (like the blackboard in school!). I’ve[Read more]

Vintage Book Illustrations

Yesterday I was looking over the small collection of vintage books I picked up when I worked at Achievement House. The majority of them had been destined for shredding when I rescued them from destruction. As I looked at them I realized the reason I had decided to keep them-[Read more]