Memory Blanket

Phillip and I found this amazing bedspread at one of our local thrift shops the other day. At first, we had no idea what it was, it just looked like a huge jumble of burlap and embroidery. We could tell it was old and cool though, and once we got[Read more]

Trip to Virginia

A little over a week ago, Marie, one of my best Peace Corps friends, got married in her hometown of Chesapeake, Virginia. I made the long journey out there from California to attend her wedding, and even after what seemed like countless delays and a cancelled flight, I don’t regret[Read more]

July in Photos

Snapshots of July… Clockwise from top left: 1) Bosley, 2) a hilarious record cover, 3) C-3PO, 4) Phillip 1) Small World 2) Me on the way to Marie’s wedding 3) boat controls 4) animatronic hippo 1) Portsmouth ferry 2) extremely tired feet 3) Phillip and I at Disneyland 4) beautiful[Read more]