Back to School

I’ve got new adventures on the horizon! After much deliberation, worry, trepidation, doubt, and ultimately excitement, I quit my full-time job at the day program a little over three weeks ago so I can go back to school! I’m not doing anything too radical, just taking some classes at my[Read more]

2014 Goals and Resolutions

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things about the new year is making goals and resolutions. I’m a big planner and list-maker by nature, and while I’m setting goals all year round, the new year always feels like a nice fresh start, a time to delineate[Read more]

Goal Progress: Week 1

In case you missed it, I came up with Four Simple Goals last week to work on by the end of this year. The concept was inspired by Elsie’s post on A Beautiful Mess- I loved the idea and I decided to come up with my own goals, which are:[Read more]

Four Simple Goals

I am a planner/goal setter/list maker by nature, so I was really excited and inspired by a recent post by Elsie’s of A Beautiful Mess (one of my very favorite must-read blogs- check it out if you haven’t yet!). She is challenging herself and readers to make and set 4[Read more]