Dress Like Your Grandma Challege Inspiration



(Image Source Here)

 Just to get it out there right now: no, this is not my grandma. In fact I have no idea who this lady is. I’m cheating a little on this one.


I haven’t had the time to go and track down some old family photos for Tanya’s Dress Like Your Grandma Sewing Challenge, but I still really want to get in on the fun, so I’ve decided to use the challenge as a good excuse to re-create the outfit in a photograph I’ve been in love with for awhile.
 I’ve decided to attempt to re-create this gorgeous 1940’s-era butterfly skirt and yellow peasant top, which was published in a 1942 edition of Harper’s Bazaar, according to the source website. I spent the better part of the weekend trying to draw the butterflies in Illustrator, which I thought would be straightforward but was surprisingly difficult due to the folds of the fabric. Anyway, I did my best and now I’m awaiting the fabric from Spoonflower.
More to come soon!