September Antique Space Update

I realized it’s been quite a while since I last posted an update on our antique space! We made a trek down to Los Alamos this last weekend and I took some pictures so I could show you all what’s new.

 Like I mentioned in my last post in July, we decided to go back to just one space in the Depot Mall starting in August. It was fun filling up two spaces with vintage goodies, but in the end it just wasn’t making enough money to justify all of the extra work. Both Phillip and I took a day off at the end of July to move everything out (it was quite a job!). We ended up deciding at the last minute to keep the newer space instead of the first one. It’s a little bit bigger (so more square footage for the money) and it has a peg board at the back that makes it much, much easier to hang and re-arrange pictures and the like. It was a lot of work to move everything twice but we’re happy with that decision.

 Our first space- empty again!

 Our remaining space in August.

This weekend, we did a little bit of re-arranging and took out some items that don’t seem to be moving. We took out the small display case in front and replaced it with this little mid-century coffee table we found at the swap meet (top image). We put some of our cute sixties barware on top along with these cool wooden cats we found. We also made a Halloween display:

It’s pretty rare to find real vintage Halloween items (and Phillip would probably keep them if we did), so we kind of cobbled this one together with items that seemed vaguely Halloween-like. I think it turned out pretty cute though!

We stuck the fez we found on our plastic head lady.

We took out a vintage high chair that had been sitting for months and brought in this wire shelf that Phillip’s dad gave us (a cast-off from a gas station, actually). I loaded it up with our vintage linens, which were constantly falling off the small suitcase rack we had them on.

We found this cool yellow BBQ cart about a month ago, and it was great to finally clean it up and get it into the space. It’s got great graphics on the top part, though the bottom shelf is pretty rusty.

I quickly made this little display with blue and teal. I like the colors so I think I’ll try to work on it more next time!

I switched up the displays on this corner shelf, which is now right on the edge of the space and one of the first things you see as you come down the aisle. We had a lot of stuff in it that wasn’t that exciting and had been sitting in there since the beginning of this year. I put in some brightly colored orange and green items that I hope will catch people’s eye.

I also decided to showcase some of our many piggy banks. The set of dishes has been here since the beginning and I’d really like to finally sell it! I think I’ll give it another month or so and then move it on out.

So, what do you think? Any advice from fellow re-sellers/vintage lovers?