Phillip and I went on our much-anticipated trip to Disneyland last week and it was so much fun! We made sure to go on a weekday this time because the last two times we went were during the weekend and were way too insanely crowded. It was great for most of the day and we didn’t wait more than about 20 minutes for any of the rides. Once the evening came, however, the park was inundated with teenagers coming for Grad Night and that’s when we made our exit! 

Here are some pictures I took of our day:

We each took pictures next to the posters of our favorite ride.

An amazing stained glass window in an ice cream shop. I love how much attention is given to every detail.

I got my favorite sandwich for lunch, the Salami Royale at the Fiddler, Fifer, and Practical Cafe at California Adventure.

I went on the Mark Twain steamboat for the first time in many years.

I was always terrified of this whale as a kid!

We saw the show at the Enchanted Tiki room, where I tried Dole Whip for the first time after seeing Danielle’s post. It was so delicious! It took me back to the delicious fresh pineapple I used to eat in Tonga. I’ll definitely be making a stop there from now on!

I was so excited to go on Small World, my all-time favorite ride. I never get tired of it. I’m totally in love with the design of everything. It’s just so classic and timeless.

(Check out the Clock-Face ornament Phillip made for me last Christmas! It’s spot-on)

That pretty much concludes our day! I love visiting this magical place. Until next time..