Thrifty Thursday Vol. 35: Can I Keep it All?

Hey friends! Welcome to my latest Thrifty Thursday post, where I share my thrift store finds for the week. I actually didn’t do too much thrifting this week, so most of these are my boyfriend Phillip’s finds. I’ve still been trying to cut back on my thrift store buying in order to save some money and to let our antique space stock thin out a little, but it’s hard for a vintage lover like me!

We found a lot of sixties and seventies items this week. That starburst globe light fixture is so cool, not to mention that wooden cat, which actually holds a letter opener. Phillip found this piece of Americana Pyrex and those pretty hankies too.

I had to show the  other side of this mug- how awesome is this illustration. I’m actually a Taurus, so I may have to keep this one! (Not to mention it’s nice and big- just how I like my coffee cups!) In the background you can see a vintage sheet Phillip picked up for me. He’s too nice.

 I was sooo excited when Phillip brought home this Pyrex dish with the handled holder- a keeper for sure! We found the raffia mugs and the melamine sugar and creamer at the Goodwill, and Phillip found that little German plaque at Shamrock Thrift in Arroyo Grande.

These were all my finds from the thrift store next door to my workplace (California Cool in Grover Beach)- a red enamel bowl, a cute little tea tin, and a little sailboat dish.
 Phillip found this 8 ball, which has a lighter inside. It’ll look great in the space with all of our Vegas-y items.

I found this funky little sewing basket at the Goodwill in Orcutt. It’s in great condition and I love the fabric! I’ll be putting it in the space whenever there’s room!
 And last but not least, yet another globe and an adorable Libbey horse glass which I will be adding to my personal barware collection!

Is it just me or do I need to stop keeping everything? Maybe I need to make myself get rid of something old for every new thing I decide to keep. Do any of you fellow thrifters/resellers struggle with this problem?

Anyway, you all have a Happy Thursday and enjoy the rest of your week. I am getting close to being done with my dress for the Collette Patterns Laurel competition. I can’t wait to share it with you all soon!

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