Thrifty Thursday Vol. 27: For the Birds

Hi everyone, here’s a bird-themed installment of my thrifting finds for today! My grandma was always a “bird lady” and lately I’ve also been noticing I’m drawn to bird stuff as well. Could I be following in her footsteps? Anyway, here you go!:

A pretty pink vintage parrot figurine.

The face on this (1970s?) owl mug is really interesting to me.

I’ve been finding a lot of these black ceramic figurines with painted highlights. Anyone know much about them?

Another owl, this time in the form of a napkin holder.

A cute little toucan statue.

I almost kept these bird-themed Fire King mugs, but ended up selling them in my Etsy shop.

Yet another ceramic bird statue!

A little trinket box in the form of a gold and black swan.

I framed this pretty illustration from a vintage book. I love the way it turned out with the blue paper background!

I bought this bird statue as a joke one Christmas because it resembles an annoying  (and scary!) parrot that my grandma had for quite a few years. It’s come back to me now and is currently for sale in the antique space. Phillip thinks nobody will want it, but I think otherwise. We’ll see who’s right!

Lastly, what I think is an ashtray or maybe a trinket dish with a bronze partridge. To me, it looks like something for a hunting lodge or maybe a manly study.

Thanks for checking out my finds! I’ll be sharing via linkups on Apron Thrift Girl, A Living Space, and Young Heart. Stop by and see what everyone has to share this week!

PS: Sorry for my lack of Thrifty Thursday post last week, I’ve had a lot of things going on (good things, luckily!) that have been keeping me very busy. I’ll explain more in my next post!