Vintage Book Illustrations

Yesterday I was looking over the small collection of vintage books I picked up when I worked at Achievement House. The majority of them had been destined for shredding when I rescued them from destruction. As I looked at them I realized the reason I had decided to keep them- they all have really amazing illustrations. For any of you who love vintage illustrations as much as I do, here’s a sampling for your enjoyment:

These are from a book called “All About the Arctic and Antarctic” (1957)

This one is called “The Adventures of the Black Girl in Her Search for God” (1932)

These are from a book called “Russian Fairy Tales” (1946?)

These are from a book called “Gay Neck: The Story of a Pigeon” (1927)

And lastly, a book called “The Painted Pig” (1930)

I hope you enjoyed them! I’m thinking of scanning some to print and frame. If so I’ll be sure to post the results!