Thrifty Thursday Vol. 5: Girly and Pink

A very girly selection of recent thrifting finds:

I was super excited to find this box. It has a chip in one corner but the solution to that is easy enough: turn it to the back! Good as new!

Another Franciscan Ware piece: a pretty leaf (or feather?) shaped tray. I think this would look adorable on a vanity table…too bad there’s no room left on mine!

I love this little drinking glass even though the gold is rubbing off like crazy (is there any way to prevent that?) When I saw it on the shelf I felt the need to grab it up quickly as though someone might snatch it at any minute! Nobody did though, ha ha.

I suspect this dish was once part of a larger set due to it’s unusual shape. The rest of the set is long gone, but I think it still makes an adorable serving dish or would look cute on a shelf or vanity.

This picture is actually a combination of two separate finds: the picture and the frame. I got the picture way back before I went to the Peace Corps and then when I got back I decided it was high time it was framed. I think this one suits it perfectly, no?

Thanks for looking, I hope you’re having an excellent summer! Can you believe July is almost over?