Welcome to My New Blog!

 Hello everyone, I’m Melissa, and welcome to my brand new blog, Scavenger Hunt! I’m an avid blog reader and I’ve been toying with the idea of starting my very own blog for some time now.My goal with this blog is to chronicle my life, ideas, and projects in the hopes that it will interest and inspire some of my fellow crafting, sewing, traveling, thrifting vintage-lovers out there. 
   Some info about me: I’m a 28-year old college graduate (Anthropology major) and recently returned Peace Corps volunteer (Tonga, 2009-2011), living in my little hometown on the central coast of California. I’ve been interested in fashion and historical clothing since I was a kid, and have been sewing since I was about 18. I’ve completed many projects since that time, and my favorite things to do are sewing clothes or altering things I find at thrift shops. My love of all things vintage has also steadily grown since then, and I love nothing better than spending an afternoon browsing thrift stores and antique shops for cool and beautiful things. I’m also something of an anthropology nerd and have a strong fascination with other cultures. I’ve been lucky enough to have spent time in both Ghana and Tonga (so far) and am looking forward to sharing some of my experiences in those places as well. Anyway, enjoy and please feel free to comment!